Soviet Headcanons
Soviet Headcanons

Poland likes to buy watermelons, scoop them out, and then throw the rinds outside and watch the slugs eat it.

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Lithuania has truthfully been in love with Poland for centuries. But his frustration with him is very much genuine. He loves him but doesn’t like him sometimes.

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Poland is Catholic but he doesn’t really care that much about doing things the Bible says are wrong. He believes that because he is a Catholic country that has both succeeded and suffered so much, God will think he’s awesome no matter what.

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Ukraine has a special pen she uses to cross out “the” whenever she sees “the Ukraine.”

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Russia owns several Telnyashkas at home, and proudly wore a blue-striped one during the Soviet era to show how manly he was. To this day, he still wears them in public.

Note: Telnyashkas are white shirts with varying color of stripes depending on what rank in the Russian military you’re in. They got super popular during Soviet times necause of their association with manliness, and was many characters in Soviet movies and TV shows wore them at some point.

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When America served Russia Red Velvet Cake, Russia commented that the cake was tasty and very pretty yet tasted nothing like beets.

When America told Russia it was red from food coloring, he spit it out and accused America of trying to poison him.

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Lithuania’s feet are huge - about the same size as Russia’s.

This hasn’t stopped Poland and Russia from making him wear shoes meant for women, and to this day Lithuania’s feet still look broken, purple and just painful to look at. Even Belarus can’t stand it.

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Poland loves eating bananas.

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The Soviets enjoy having huge Monopoly tournaments.

Russia will always, always get Baltic Avenue and giggle insanely about it.

Belarus will only buy properties near Russia and she’ll always force him to win.

Poland always gets Virginia Avenue, St. Charles Place, and States Avenue because they’re pink and pink is awesome.

Estonia will stare at the game board without blinking (?) until he either figures out the best possible strategy or Russia/Belarus forces him to take his turn.

Latvia has the worst luck and always falls in debt first, usually to Russia.

Ukraine always checks to make sure no one minds whenever she buys a property. If someone does mind, she apologizes profusely and doesn’t buy it at all.

Only Lithuania can actually play the game normally.

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